UK Domain Name Management Services from JL Reg Net

If we look after any domain-names for you, then any domains ending in ".uk" are covered by the following document. Our service provides 'management' of your domain-name for you, and you can rely on us as your first port of call for anything relating to the domain-name. If in doubt, please just contact us for guidance.

Nominet UK

Domain names in the UK are registered with Nominet UK, the Registry for the UK Namespace -- when registering a domain-name, one uses a Registrar such as ourselves -- each Registrar is identified by their Nominet "Tag", which you may see when transferring a domain between ISPs, for example. (Ours is JLREG.)

Domains registered by us or any other Tag Holder worldwide, are governed by Nominet's Terms and Conditions. Note that you as our customer who's registered a domain-name, are referred to as the Registrant in relation to the services provided by both us and Nominet.

Billing & Renewals

When we start managing a domain-name for you, we issue an invoice for the management fee (see schedule of charges below) for the two years from that date. For new customers, we usually expect payment in advance or at time of registration; whilst for existing customers, payment terms will depend on the credit arrangements we have in place. The management fee covers our standard support and during the two year period, we will pay applicable fees to Nominet for the registration of your domain name.

When the renewal date is approaching, we will make contact with you two months in advance to check that you wish to retain the domain-name. If we have difficulty reaching you, we will proactively seek to make contact up until the week in which the renewal is due. So long as you indicate your wish to retain the domain-name, we will invoice you during the sixty days preceding the month in which renewal falls due -- payment must be received prior to the renewal date. The cost for renewal is exactly the same as the price charged when we first started managing the domain for you (see schedule of charges below). If, however, you decide to not renew your domain (or we are unable to reach you despite our best efforts), then we will either mark the domain as 'not required' and allow Nominet to process the cessation in accordance with their standard process, or we may choose at our sole discretion to take over the domain ourselves.

Contacting Us

In the first instance, we ask that contact is made by email using our <Service@JLReg.Net> customer services address. If this is not possible, then calling our office by telephone or leaving a message with reception staff if visiting in person are alternatives -- details are on the JL Associates web-page. We use the trading name of "JL Associates" for general I.T. Consultancy or Software Development, and trade as "JL Reg Net" (or "JL Registry & Connectivity Network" in full) for Internet hosting, Domain Name and UK Broadband services. The contact details and staff are identical for both.

We aim to respond to all enquiries within 48 hours (business days). In the case of an emergency, it is best to leave a message with the office telephonist or voicemail as applicable, and await a reply from an engineer. The message must indicate the domain name(s) affected, or other means of identifying yourself as a supported customer, and the name / means of contact to which the reply should be made.

In the event you need to make a complaint, after trying to resolve the matter if possible with us directly, you should contact Nominet to report an unresolved dispute and they will be able to deal with the matter from there. It will have been necessary though to have exhausted all possible efforts to resolve the matter with us first.

In accordance with the Internet standard, we support the Abuse@JLReg.Net for reporting abuse matters, including in relation to your domain name. Under normal circumstances, you would simply report the matter to us via the usual Service address, above.

Schedule of Charges

We provide a comprehensive management service for looking after your domain, with a fixed biennial fee billed in either euros or pounds sterling. For UK domains, this is £35 per two years (plus VAT if applicable at time of invoicing), or the reduced rate of £20 per two years if you are not using our DNS infrastructure or support. We offer a 10% discount on all domains if (at the time of billing) you have ten or more domains managed by us. There are no other charges in relation to the registration and hosting of your domain -- we do not charge anything extra for any transfers, although if you are transferring to another registrar then we will expect them to provide you any technical support you require in the process of setting yourself up with their service to you. (We have a new pricing structure applicable from 1st Jan'17 -- prior to this date, the charges were £33 / £13 for UK domains. This was our first increase in over twenty years and reflects increased costs for the most part, and a reduced cost of our DNS hosting element.)

We also provide other Internet services beyond domain name management (for hundreds of domain-name extensions other than just UK domains), including web-space hosting, dedicated or virtual servers, broadband and other Internet connectivity solutions, security advice and more besides -- please just ask for a free, no-obligation discussion of any other needs you may have.


J E Lyon trading as "JL Registry & Connectivity Network"
December 2016, with minor corrections post-Brexit early 2021